Isabelle Guérin

Research team


Socioeconomist, France
ODRIIS co-coordinator

Socioeconomics of the links between finance and inequality and the articulations between financial practices and employment dynamics. From a theoretical point of view, I analyse the social construction of financial and labour markets, using two analytical frameworks. The first is political economy, which focuses on the structural processes that create differentiation, inequalities and hierarchies (gender, caste, social class). The second is moral economy, which refers to the values, feelings and emotions with which economic and financial relations and transactions are interwoven. From a methodological point of view, I pay particular attention to the plurality of tools and modes of analysis (qualitative data and comprehensive analysis; quantitative data, statistical and econometric analysis), relying mainly on first-hand data collected in partnership with colleagues in the countries where I work.
I also conduct a critical analysis of random assignment experimentation methods, arguing for a combination with qualitative approaches and for a clear definition of their potential field of application.


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