NEEMSIS-2 wave (2020-21)


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In brief

The NEEMSIS-2 wave, conducted in 2020-21, is the second of a multi-topic survey covering 3600 individuals, 632 households and 10 villages in-between Cuddalore and Villupuram districts in rural Tamil Nadu (South India).

NEEMSIS-2 wave aims at understanding the linkages between household and individuals’ labour, financial practices, skills, social networks and social and spatial mobilities. This includes the investigation of various forces at play, spanning from the role of social structures (norms and institutions), the development and use of interpersonal networks, to the formation of cognitive and non-cognitive skills.


NEEMSIS-2 wave was funded by the ANR “Challenging Inequalities” (CHALLINEQ project, ANR-18-EQUI-0003), a 36 month (2018-2021) Indo-European project.


NEEMSIS-2 Survey manual

The NEEMSIS-2 Survey Manual provides all the necessary details for the correct handling of the NEEMSIS-2 data.
It includes:
– NEEMSIS-2 Survey manual
– NEEMSIS-2 Household questionnaire
– NEEMSIS-2 Individual questionnaire

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Nordman, C. J., Venkatasubramanian, G., Guérin, I., Natal, A., Mouchel, C., Michiels, S.,  & Di Santolo, M. (2021). NEEMSIS-2: Survey Manual (Tech. Rep. No. hal-04207258). IRD-IFP.

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