The Making of the NEEMSIS Survey

This 20-minute video documentary (directed by CJ Nordman) traces the creation of the NEEMSIS survey.


Over the past 15 years, a team of researchers from the French Research Institute for Sustainable Development and the French Institute of Pondicherry have designed, organised and developed field investigations in rural India to understand how structural changes in contemporary South India are reshaping the organisation of labour, social hierarchies and family livelihoods. These researchers in social sciences, which are economists and sociologists and anthropologists, use first-hand and original data collection tools, to produce so-called quantitative and qualitative data. Their long standing research partnership has formed today an Observatory of Rural Dynamics and Inequalities in South India (ODRIIS). One of the main quantitative data collection tools of this Observatory is the NEEMSIS survey, the acronym for Networks, Employment, dEbt, Mobility, and Skills in South India Survey. NEEMSIS is a longitudinal socio-economic survey which was initially implemented in 2016. But NEEMSIS is also the continuity of a first survey wave, on an initial rural population of 10 villages in Tamil Nadu, the Rural Microfinance and Employment Survey collected in 2010.

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