Ongoing research

Measure and Stability of Personality Traits in Rural South India

—A. Natal, C. J. Nordman.

Psychology of Debt in Rural South India

—A. Natal, C. J. Nordman.

Rural Dynamics and Inequalities in South India: A New Longitudinal Data Collection Tools

—C. J. Nordman, G. Venkatasubramanian, C. Mouchel, A. Natal, M. Di Santolo, I. Guérin, S. Michiels.

Measuring households’ financial vulnerability in a poor developing area context: A new index and an application from rural South India

—A. Natal.

The Political and Sexual Economies of Marriages: Two Decades of change in South-Arcot, South India

—I. Guérin, A. Natal, C. J. Nordman, G. Venkatasubramanian.

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