Chief editor

  • Christophe Jalil Nordman

Redaction team

  • Arnaud Natal
  • Christophe Jalil Nordman
  • Sébastien Michiels
  • Cécile Mouchel
  • Gaston Bizel-Bizellot
  • Félix Anthony

Photography credits


The logos are licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 (Attribution, Non Commercial, No Derivatives, 4.0 International License), namely free for personnal use.

NEEMSIS logos were created by Gaston Bizel-Bizellot. The colour code is simple and bright and has its source in the study area in rural South India.
The orange-brick for the text is derived from the colour of the bricks made in the brick kiln of South India, while the dark green for the neem leaves is derived from the colour of the crops. The lighter green adds depth to the logo. The colours were also thought of as a reminder of the colours of the Indian flag.

The main font for the logo is Shrikhand Regular and Montserrat for the description (semibold italic for the text, and black italic for the first letters of NEEMSIS).

The colours used are as follows:

Orange-brickDark greenLight green
RGB197, 102, 6380, 151, 68164, 204, 76

The background grid of the logos is here to represent the transparency areas. When you upload the files, they will not appear.

Classic logos




Square logos

NEEMSIS square color

NEEMSIS square black

NEEMSIS square white

Long logos

NEEMSIS logo color

NEEMSIS logo black

NEEMSIS logo white

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