NEEMSIS village restitution has started!

Venkatasubramanian of the NEEMSIS team presenting social and demographic indicators to the village (Manamthavizhnthaputhur, Nov 2021; C.J. Nordman)

Now that our NEEMSIS 2 data collection is over, we have started a new phase of restitution. This phase involves going back to some of our surveyed villages to present to the community and get feedback on simple indicators on the surveyed population. This restitution is meant to help people in the surveyed villages understand our work and provide them with insights into the social and demographic changes that took place in their village over the last 10 years.

Our first 2021 restitution took place this week in Manamthavizhnthaputhur where we decided to present a series of slides in the main public place in the village (temple). Our presence was welcomed by a crowd of around a 100 people who came to listen to our team explaining why this village had been chosen and how it had evolved since we first came here in 2010, as well as the more recent impact of covid and the lockdowns.

Woman speaking on her experience with NREGA (Manamthavizhnthaputhur, Nov 2021; C.J. Nordman)

This sparked many discussions that are interesting to our research. Both men and women of different ages took turn to discuss our findings and shared their opinions. The dynamics offered by this bigger crowd provided a new kind of insight from those offered during household and individual interviews.

To cite a few, there were debates about what a “good” or a “bad” loan is, about the benefits and drawback of recent government schemes, as well as the reasons as to why some farmers now focus more on sustenance crops rather than commercial crops.

We are eager to continue these discussions and we will keep on presenting similar information in different surveyed villages in the area.

President of the village speaking at the NEEMSIS restitution (Manamthavizhnthaputhur, Nov 2021; G. Bizel)

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