Defense of Arnaud Natal’s doctoral thesis

Arnaud Natal successfully defended his doctoral thesis on Monday 11 December at the Economic Department (BSE) of the University of Bordeaux. The members of his jury (C. Guirkinger, K. Marazyan, I. Guérin and F. Combarnous) praised the quality of his work, its originality and its honesty.

His doctoral thesis (supervised by C. J. Nordman and É. Rougier) examines various aspects of household indebtedness in a rural area of Tamil Nadu, South India. The main objective is twofold. The first is to analyse the effect of household financial vulnerability on labour supply, with particular attention to the measurement of financial vulnerability. The second is to analyse indebtedness at the individual level to apply a behavioural analytical framework by studying the correlation between personality traits, cognitive skills, and indebtedness. This objective is pursued through five essays in development economics. The first chapter provides background on India and presents the first-hand NEEMSIS panel data used throughout this thesis. The second chapter aims to advance research in development microeconomics by proposing a new measure of household financial vulnerability, called the financial vulnerability index, and presenting its main determinants over the decade 2010-2020. The third chapter assesses the effect of financial vulnerability (measured by the financial vulnerability index developed earlier) on household labour supply. The fourth and fifth chapters are devoted to individual behaviour. After detailing the measurement of personality traits using the Big Five taxonomy, the fourth chapter empirically tests the hypothesis of the temporal stability of these traits. Building on the results of the previous chapter, the fifth chapter analyses the contribution of personality traits and cognitive skills to debt use, negotiation, and management.

Arnaud is still a temporary lecturer and research assistant (ATER) at the University of Bordeaux and is also on the job market for 2024.

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